Day 14 #BOTY2019 : Blogs

Today’s challenge is blogs I liked this year. Haven’t read much, I’m not proud of that but I do have a list of those that i remember. I sneaked in a news article too, just because I realized i hadn’t read enough blogs as is. Here goes.🙂🙂

1. This was sent to me by a friend who felt I kinda was in a rush to get all my ink done at once. In my defense, it really was just a matter of getting it over with. I mean, I had waited 8 years for this. 🙂🙂. Anyway, I agree to some of the points made on the blog. Getting inked really needs serious thinking through. And research. Mostly that. I’d proudly say, I went all in on the latter. My artiste was actually impressed too.

2. I stumbled on this, in the middle of my day and let us just say, i didn’t concentrate much afterwards. I love Randy’s posts. I look up to him for his prowess and style of writing and I even had a stint at literotica. All because of his work. I should go back to it soon. I mean, if I can manage it here, it shouldn’t be that hard on that side either. 🙈🙈

3. I don’t base all my life decisions on this Zodiac madness but on some instances, like this one, I go with it. I’m a Cancer and in all honesty, I struggle with this. Always feeling guilty when stuff goes wrong in my life. Relationships. Friendships. Jobs. Hell, even the family in general. Maybe 2020 is the year I finally outgrow that. 🤞🤞

4. I feel this one spoke to me personally and helped me get out of my writing rut. I haven’t written much after reading it, but it feels comforting to know that someone somewhere understands exactly what we go through. #8, I hope to follow through on that this coming year.

5. This is a personal one. This was the first time I was expressing myself about someone I cared for deeply for years (still do) and while it took tears to write this, looking back it gives me some sort of comfort that I did experience all that at some point in my life.

6. This one is just for laughs. The spectacle that is my country Kenya. That is my County, Nairobi. Our whole system is a big joke. And I’d like all of us to come together and laugh at this.

7. This one broke my heart. So much!!! I’m not a parent yet, but it hurts to see what kind of constant danger children out here are exposed to on the internet. There’s so much filth out here. It really sickens me.

Hopefully next year I’ll get to read more. Especially on more serious and day to day issues. You know, issues that affect my taxes and Medicare. I mean, after all I am a grown up, no? 🙂


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